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Tutorial - Test Cromalight App from this web site

1.-To test the application, you must first register.

2.-On the iPhone, open the application and go to settings, select the "web" tab. Should appears the url "" in the "http://" field.

3.-Enter the same username and password you register on this web.

4.-Access the Web menu and click on "my cromalight"

6.-On the iPhone screen go to "Lights" and turn "on" and "off" switches. After 4 seconds  the website is updated. simulating the Arduino board.

6.-On the iPhone go to cromalight bottom and on the screen, select a color.

7.-After 4 seconds the site will be updated simulating the color that displays the RGB light strip.

You must register in case you want to test the application from the web. Read more.

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Es necesario registrarse en caso de querer probar la aplicación desde la web. más info.

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